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Touch what lies in the core of your being

and activate your ecstatic pulse of Life.

 This work is here for you

to remember who you are as a Soul


to allow the deeper pulse of life to guide you.

To reconnect with the inherent wisdom of matter


to feel the intelligence of life,

piercing through your (dark) core.


Why the Dark?

The Dark is the direct pulse of the One Life that vibrates at the core of everything.

The Dark has birthed the light and goes beyond all polarities.

It is the place where all life arises from & also known as the "Dark light of Spirit" 

My work is sourced in that place of dark Love and aims to act as a bridge between soul, spirit and matter.

Bridging worlds

The turn on and the tension that drives me lies

in connecting the mystery with the ordinary,

 in collapsing worlds with-in and with-out,

birthing into the oneness of a human ocean that is charged by soul and connected to the inherent abundance & fertile ground of earth.

...and for this, the very simple and silent entry point in my work is always through the heart:  


"Let´s connect to our hearts more deeply &

live from who we truly are"


dark love embodiment


Your alignment starts here

We all come with our unique sets of imprints, connections, ancestors, gifts and wounds. My work is centered around bringing all different parts of you together and reconnecting them with your soul. So that you can stand in your essence, connected to the wisdom of your heart & body and in your own unique alignment.

"Learn to listen to the subtle truth in your core;
Activated in the depth of your 
being & trusting the unkown intelligence of life"

I am mother of two, currently living in Germany and have devoted my life to this work. Get in touch if you feel a resonance with this, I am looking forward to getting to know you

(auch auf deutsch).

With love, Karolina

The One pulsating Womb

7 weeks 1:1 Mentorship to connect you to the primordial waters

& wisdom of your womb


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